Friday, December 9, 2016

Arthur saves the day!

While we were packing up after our Toin Gakuen concert, we had a small accident: the B3 bell fell off the table! The casting is fine, but the clapper assembly broke down in the yoke, where it's attached to the axle. Oops!

Fortunately, most of us in Sonos are super well-connected in the handbell community, even internationally, and Marquise & I immediately thought of contacting Arthur Syin, the son of Mrs. Sun-joo Syin, the Executive Director of the Handbell Ringers of Japan guild. 

Arthur came through for us by stopping by the HRJ office, finding the appropriate clapper assembly, then hand-delivering it to us at our hotel in Yokohama!

Sonos sends its love and eternal gratitude to Arthur and to the HRJ! Thanks for again confirming that handbell people are the nicest people in the world! You're the best!!

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