Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kochi Castle

Monday 12/19 was a Sonos day off, and our downtown Kochi hotel was right near so many attractions.  The closest one (an easy walk away) was the Kochi Castle, built in the "old style" from 1601 (and restored 100 years later after a fire to its same style).  The fire took several side buildings, which they turned into beautiful plateau courtyards and gardens.

This is the entrance gate.

The first ruler was poor, and his wife bought him a magnificent war horse with her dowry.  It proved to be a good investment, as he caught the attention of highers-up.  He became a successful war-time leader, and his wife was celebrated for her foresight and her own war efforts (she passed spy messages to him that helped his campaigns).  Afterward, they were awarded land and more.

There was military action while we were there, boating in the moat while cleaning it, rappelling down the rock walls while pulling down ivy, and more.  I'm not sure why they were there.  Perhaps it was a service project.

Here are views from two of the plateaus, created when the former outbuilding was removed.

This beautiful 3-D tapestry was inside the castle.

The castle retains its "old style."

After climbing many steep stairways that were more like ladders, the 360-degree view from the castle's top were magnificent.  We had a beautiful clear day, too!

Fish gargoyles are popular in Japanese castles.

The large tower on the right was the NHK television station, where the Sonos quartet appeared that afternoon on live TV.  Our hotel was between the three towers.

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  1. Spectacular! What beautiful color! I love the crenellations adornments on the walls, too - got lots of pictures of those. :)