Saturday, December 17, 2016

Being a tourist in Okayama

It's Friday 12/16, and we had travel day.  Morning started with a breakfast buffet in our ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Okayama on the 20th floor.  What a view!

This was in the hotel elevator, looking up through the glass ceiling at the pullies and things.

While it wasn't the new movie (Rogue One opened today), there was an art gallery display right next to the hotel with Star Wars-inspired artwork.  We still want to see the movie here while on tour! 

Time to go for a walk.  This street was converted into a walk-only shopping strip.

Yep, Okayama's electric buses were each uniquely designed like a variety of cable cars.

Our walk led to the Okayama Korakuen Garden, with the Okayama Castle across the waterway.

There were swan boats for rent, but it's December (and too cold for that).

These majestic birds (cranes?) were in a big cage, but there were photos nearby of them freely roaming and flying throughout the gardens.  Perhaps they were inside for the winter.

thatched roof

Notice the symbol (which is not a swastika).

rice field


  1. Beautiful. It looks very peaceful!

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