Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tokyo DisneySea!

Several of us are huge Disney fans!  I mean huge.  So much so, that we will find any way to go to Disney.  The Tokyo Disney parks offer an after 6 pm pass, for a reduced price.  So when we realized on Thursday that we could get there in time to take advantage of it....well, what do you think we did? The park closes at 10 pm, so we had a great four hours to explore.

The secondary park here is called DisneySea.  It's awesome!  The first time I was here, I couldn't believe how 'new' it all felt.  I love Disneyland, and will never complain about it being familiar, but the newness of DisneySea was just awesome!  Each of the lands are based on some sort of water theme - Mediterranean Waterfront, Ariel's Undersea Grotto, Arabian Coast, Mexican River Delta, American Waterfront.  The 'mountain' in the park is the volcano from The Mysterious Island (Jules Verne).  The rides are great, with two of the familiar rides being here - Tower of Terror and Indian Jones.  However, their storylines are different from the ones in the US.

This year the park is celebrating its 15th Anniversary.  The the decorations were centered around ships and crystals (not sure of the connection).  And of course, there were Christmas decorations as well.  Below are a few photos.  I really couldn't get many more because it was dark.

Ship at the entrance to the park

Donald's 15th Anniversary statue/ship

Goofy's 15th Anniversary statue/ship

King Triton and his 'reindeer'

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