Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cuff links, cakes, and Shinjuku

Jim forgot to pack his cuff links, shirt studs, and garment bag.  With their purchase as a goal,Jim, Dave, Lois, Jan, and I went searching for a formal wear shop here in Japan.  Lucky for us, our local friend Tomoko (not pictured - wish I had taken one!) also came, and guided us from store to store with her translation skills.

And since we were out, we also bought birthday cakes for our two Sonosians celebrating during this tour:  Kat and Marquise.  Then Tomoko departed for home, and we went on our own way.

Then it was dinner, and we headed to our old stomping grounds from tours past.  Shinjuku had been a hub stop for us for several years, but not this time.  But being nearby and familiar with the area, we had to stop by and eat.

No - we didn't have this, but the sign outside was worthy of a photo.

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  1. Say "Hi!" to Tomoko for me! And, seriously, SPAM? Oh, and one final thing... I DIDN'T FORGET ANYTHING ON THIS TOUR! So there! :)