Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fan mail from Nagoya!

Our agency here in Japan received some fan mail on our behalf and Tamamura-san shared it with us at yesterday's concert in Osaka. The mail came from a young woman, Yuri Kato, who attends junior high in Nagoya.

She writes:
Hello, I am Yuri Kato who attends Kinjo Gakuin Junior High School.
I and my mother went to see your concert in Nagoya. I would like to send pictures of your concert and brief comments. 
I am a member of the Kinjo Gakuin junior high school handbell choir club. We have club activities three times a week. We play songs of Disney. There are twenty five members in our club. Last summer we practiced under Toshikazu Yoshida. I got to know this club four years ago, and I entered this club. I like the sound of handbell. The sound calmed me down and moved me a lot. I love handbell choir. <3  
So I was very looking forward to go to your concert. It was great. I was very moved and that was the best concert I have ever seen. I want to keep practicing it and someday I want to see your concert again. I couldn't talk to you personally in English but I hope you can understand my feeling. 
I wanted to take pictures with you all. I hope you will have great play the rest of your concerts. I will never forget your wonderful concert. Thank you very much!
She included four pictures with her letter:

Yuri & Derek

Yuri & me

Yuri & Gretchen

Yuri & Lois

Thanks for writing to us, Yuri! We hope to see you again. Keep ringing! <3

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