Saturday, December 10, 2016

Shiraito Falls

Ahhh!  It's so good to be out of the city and back into the country!  Karuizawa (in Nagano prefecture) is a resort town for winter sports and summer golf.  It also boasts that it hosted two Olympic game events:  1964 equestrian and 1996 curling.

Eleven of us took a city bus from the Karuizawa Station to visit Shiraito Falls, located about 20 minutes away by bus.  It was good to get out and hike around, despite the biting cold.  I think the high temperature today was around 34F, and tonight may get to the low 20s.

Karuizawa Station (both train and bus)

Prince Snow Park as seen from the Karuizawa Station (there are skiiers and snowboarders there!)

path from bus stop to water falls

11 Sonosians at Shiraito Falls

The water oozed through the ground, hit the rock shelf, and poured out of the wall.

For an added adventure, several Sonosians hiked the nearby trail.

We have no idea what this sign says.  Can anyone translate it for us?

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