Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pics from Salvia Hall concert in Yokohama

Pictures from our Dec 13 concert at Salvia Hall in Yokohama.  David loves to get pics of the petting zoo. There's also a group shot with the hall's mascots, plus our friends from Kiriku Handbell Ensemble came to the concert, too.

Sandy & Marquise with Ryoko & Eri from Kiriku!

Eri & Ryoko of Kiriku with Marquise, Derek, & Kat!

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  1. Eri! Ryoko! Yay - so good to see them. Oh, is it just me or does the mascot that Lois is holding not look like Marvin the Martian? He just needs a green helm! Finally, I LOVE the enthralled look of the lady in the second picture. Priceless.