Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mt. Godai, Shikurinji Temple, and Harimaya

With more time on our 12/19 day off, Jim, Jan, and I took a city bus to nearby Mt. Godai and Chikurinji Temple.

Mt. Godai's observation deck also featured a restaurant, plus it was lunch time.  While waiting for our food, Jim serenaded the staff and other customers with some Chopin.

The views from Mt. Godai's restaurant and lookout decks were spectacular.  Here, we overlook the city of Kochi, plus its many waterways and bridges that lead out into the Pacific Ocean.

That's the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

We enjoyed the views, as did the spiders.

On our return to town, Jan and I stopped at the Harimaya Bridge, a local landmark made famous by a Japanese children's song (much like London Bridge is to us).  The story says that a monk fell in love with the tinker's daughter, and they used this bridge to meet.  Once discovered, the monk was excommunicated and ran off with his true love, and the love story became legend.

Every hour, the Harimaya Clock puts on a show for about 7 minutes, complete with a lovely tune which I believe is the Harimaya Bridge song.

The first Kochi landmark to appear is the Kochi Castle.

Meanwhile, the historic trollies run by.  Each one in Kochi seems to have been imported from a different place (or country?), as they were all unique.

Next came the dancing girls.  This is the only Kochi reference I didn't understand.  We did see a lot during our time in Kochi, but we couldn't see everything!

The third landmark to appear was Mt. Godai plus bridges and waterways.

On the right side came the Harimaya Bridge.

And then the two lovers walked the bridge to meet.  So sweet!

These two were pictured on posters, buses, and all over.  They must be some beloved creation of Kochi too, but I don't know what.

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